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Westmore COG-message-Kelvin Page August 14, 2022

Westmore Church of God • 43m

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  • Westmore COG-message-Kelvin Page

    Westmore Church of God
    Cleveland Tennessee
    Kelvin Page -August 7 2022
    Everyone experiences anxiety from time to time. At best, it is aggravating; In more serious cases, it can be debilitating. In this message, Lead Pastor Kelvin Page talks about the Bible's response to anxiety. His scripture ...

  • Westmore COG - Message - Associate Pa...

    Westmore Church of God
    Cleveland Tennessee
    Having faith and trusting completely in God are related, but can be radically different in the lives of believers. A complete trust in God is very rewarding but requires a high level of commitment to God's plans and purposes.
    Associate Pastor Ginger Rob...

  • Westmore COG - Message - Dr. Paul Con...

    Lee University Chancellor Dr. Paul Conn speaks about our God, who does not always operate as expected or conventional ways. How do we react when the unexpected happens? Dr. Conn's scripture reference is I Samuel chapter 16, verse one, and verses 6 - 13.