PTS Thrive

PTS Thrive

The mission of PTS Thrive is to encourage early-career pastors in conflict, and mid-career pastors in significant transition, by providing thriving pastoral exemplars as mentors and coaches with the goal of helping pastors thrive in congregational leadership.

PTS Thrive
  • INSIGHTS with Dr. Dan Tomberlin

    Dr. Dan Tomberlin and Dr. Michael Baker discuss the initiative and impact of PTS Thrive.

  • Tony Richie on Theology is Essential to the Pentecostal Pastor

    Tony Richie is a long term Pentecostal pastor and professor of theology at Pentecostal Theological Seminary. He discusses why theology is essential to the ministry of the Pentecostal Pastor.

  • Tim Maness on Pastoral Self-care

    Tim Maness (DMin) is the Spirit-care coordinator for Church of God Ministerial Care. Here he discusses five principles of Pastoral Self-care.

  • Tony Richie onThe Value of Creeds

    Tony Richie discusses the value of Christian creeds in guiding preaching and teaching in the church. Tony Richie, PhD, is Professor of Theology at Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN.

  • Mitch Corder: Suggestions for Pastors in Conflict or Transition

    Mitch Corder presently serves as Director of Church Health and Revitalization for the Church of God (Cleveland, TN). Here he offers counsel for pastors engaged in conflict or significant transition.

  • Mitch Corder: Three Suggestions for Early Career Pastors

    Mitch Corder: Three Suggestions for Early Career Pastors

  • Mike Sanes on Diversity Committee

    Mike Sanes is the lead pastor at The Harbor Worship Center in Kingsland, GA. Here he discusses the formation of a Diversity Committee in the local church that will assist in navigating racial tensions in the church and community.

  • William Lee on What Can My White Brothers and Sisters do

    Bishop William Lee is a national evangelist for the Church of God and a respected voice in the church. He shares ways that the Church can come together to address the present national crisis.

  • Mark Williams on Learning to Pastor

    Mark Williams
    Learning to Pastor

  • PTS THRIVE Facebook Live June 9 2020

    Dan Tomberlin, DMin, is instructor in Pastoral Ministries at Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Cleveland TN), and director of PTS Thrive. Bishop Bill Lee is and international evangelist for the Church of God (Cleveland, TN). They engage in a frank conversation about race in the church and society...

  • Dr. Lee Roy Martin on Prayer

    Lee Roy Martin (DTh) is Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Languages at Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN.

  • Dan Tomberlin on Encouraging Women in Ministry

    A PTS Thrive Facebook Live Conversation featuring Rev. Jamie Massey, Rev. Dorcas Bonilla, and Dr. Arlene Hall. Moderated by Dr. Dan Tomberlin. Recorded on August 19, 2020 at Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland, TN.

  • Daniel Alvarez on the Importance of a Personal Encounter with Christ

    Daniel Alvarez is Assistant Professor of Theology at Pentecostal Theological Seminary in Cleveland TN. Here he discusses the significance of understanding the Doctrine of Christ in Pentecostal ministry and the importance of a personal encounter with Christ.

  • Cheryl Johns on Finding Your Voice

    Cheryl Bridges Johns (Phd) serves as senior faculty at Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Cleveland TN). Here she offers encouragement for female ministers (male too!) to develop their voice in preaching the Word.

  • Bryon Peart on Pastoring

    Byron Peart, DMin is adjunct professor at Pentecostal Theological Seminary and Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Temple of Prayer Church of God in West Hartford, CT.

  • Ben Wiles on Spiritual Formation

    Ben Wiles is a long-time pastor and Pentecostal Scholar. He is presently completing his PhD dissertation on a Pentecostal Theology of Sanctification. He serves as adjunct professor at Lee University and Director of Instructional Design at Pentecostal Theological Seminary (Cleveland TN).

  • Pursuing Holiness Webinar

    Pursuing Holiness Webinar
    Dan Tomberlin, Dale Coulter and Anthony Pelt

  • Pastoral Self Care

    A conversation about pastoral self-care with Dr. Tim Maness (Church of God Ministerial Care) and Dr. Dan Tomberlin (Pentecostal Theological Seminary). Recorded at Pentecostal Theological Seminary on July 14, 2020.