Spiritual inheritance emphasizes that as Pentecostal people, we must provide a foundation of life’s values and righteous living for our children. We are encouraged to be role models in prayer, bible reading, and obedience to God, teaching our children to separate themselves from corrupt practices...

  • Westmore COG - Dr. Mark Walker - June 02, 3034

    Westmore Church of God
    Cleveland Tennessee
    June 02, 2024
    Dr. Mark Walker
    A person's integrity is a valuable "possession." A Christian's integrity is a reflection of Christ in that person's life. The responsibility of integrity is the central focus of Dr. Mark Walker's sermon simply titled "Int...


    In a heartfelt story, a man shares his struggle with losing hearing in his right ear, which significantly disrupted his daily life. Living in a remote village with limited resources, he couldn't afford the medical treatment he needed. His situation took a miraculous turn when a friend informed hi...

  • Graduation 2024 Commencement Service

    Pentecostal Theological Seminary
    Commencement 2024
    May 25, 2024

  • Graduación 2024 Servicio de Graduación español

    Pentecostal Theological Seminary
    Servicio de graduación 2024
    25 de mayo de 2024


    May the fire of the Holy Spirit burns within us, ignite the raising of the greatest and the last harvest of souls in this Third Pentecost Era! Singing Hallelujah to His mighty Name!

    Music and Lyrics by Franky Kuncoro
    Performed by MDPJ Worship Team at SICC


    Technology, rooted in God's creation, can be a force for good in advancing human life and the Kingdom of God. Harnessing technological advancements is important for the betterment of society and fulfilling the great Commission. The Pentecostal perspective encourages openness to the Holy Spirit's ...

  • Restoration of the Tabernacle of David: Part Two

    Part Two of a series presented by Dr. French Arrington based on his book "Restoration of the Tabernacle of David," in which he explores spirit-led leadership and worship.


  • Features Update April 2024

    In each episode of Features Update, host Kysha Baker gives a quick overview of new content, new channels, and other news about Spirit Network.

  • Finish Well ~ April 28, 2024

    North Cleveland Church of God
    Cleveland, Tennessee
    Dr. Mark Williams
    April 28, 2024
    We all want to "finish well" what God has given us to do. We want to be able to look back over the years we've lived and look ahead to the reward before us knowing we have accomplished all that God has asked of us...

  • PTS Chapel ~ Dr. Michael Baker - April 17, 2024

    Pentecostal Theological Seminary
    Cleveland, Tennessee
    April 17, 2024
    Dr. Michael L. Baker
    "Overcoming Life's Challenges" l Peter 5:7

  • PTS Hall of Prophets Induction ~ Dr. Niko Njotorahardjo - April 10, 2024

    Pentecostal Theological Seminary
    Cleveland, Tennessee
    Hall of Prophets Induction - April 10, 2024
    Dr. Niko and Mrs. Hermien Njotorahardjo

    Niko Njotorahardjo was born on February 20, 1949 in the small East Java town of Bondowoso, Indonesia. Hermien Irawati, his wife, was also born there on Jun...

  • Insights with Travis and Sharon Ballinger

    "In this edition of Insights, Host Mike Baker discusses the challenges of leading a growing church with Pastors Travis and Sharon Ballinger from Redemption Point Church in Ooltewah, TN."

  • Myrna Alford - "Adoration"

    Enjoy the piano stylings of Myrna Alford as she performs a medley of her own arrangement on the theme of "Adoration.""

  • Southbound - Lean on Me

  • Insights with Todd Tilghman

    Insights host, Dr. Mike Baker interviews The Voice Contest Winner Todd Tilghman

  • The Messenger of the 3rd Pentecost - Ps. Niko Njotorahardjo

    How the Lord ordained Dr. Niko to restore The Tabernacle of David through Pray, Praise & Worship, and Prayer Tower. Eventually the Lord entrusted Dr. Niko a great task in this End Time to be The Messenger of The Third Pentecost that blesses the country and the nations.

    #hmministry, #messengerof3...

  • Welcome to Spirit Network

    Dr. Michael L. Baker, President of Pentecostal Theological Seminary, welcomes you to Spirit Network. SPN is a brand new on demand network for delivering relevant Pentecostal global education and ministry connectivity.

  • Dr. Tim Hill and Dr. Michael Baker